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Back pain in Britain is the nations greatest single cause of lost working days.

Many people visit an osteopath because of back pain, but osteopathy is also of great value in the treatment of other musculoskeletal conditions. These include:

» Back Pain and Sciatica
» Neck Pain
» Headaches
» Hip, knee and ankle pain
» Sports injuries
» Pregnancy related back pain

» Arthritic conditions
» Muscular strains
» Whiplash injuries
» Tennis elbow
» Postural problems

Osteopathic Treatment aims to restore mobility, improve or restore function in restricted joints and the surrounding soft tissues to reduce spasm.

A wide variety of treatment modalities are employed including, osteopathic soft tissue, articulation and specific joint manipulation.

Stretching, strengthening or mobility exercises may be prescribed and the treatment programme may include advice on posture, diet, ergonomics and lifestyle.

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